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Judaism, Zionism and Anti-Zionism

Book Cover«All Jews are Zionists». «Criticism of Israel is new antisemitism». It seems natural to associate Jews with the State of Israel, to see in it a culmination of Jewish history, to conflate Judaism and Zionism. Few people are aware that most Jews, religious or not, rejected Zionism when it emerged in the late 19th century. This opposition has not vanished to this day. This book explains and interprets this important but often obscured phenomenon, and sheds a different light on the century-long conflict in the Holy Land.

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Canada France: Au nom de la Torah: une histoire de l’opposition juive au sionisme

Italia: Una minaccia interna. Storia dell’opposizione ebraica al sionismo

España: La amenaza interior. Historia de la oposicion judia al sionismo

América latina: Contra el estado de Israel. Historia de la oposicion judia al sionismo

Nederlands: In naam van de Thora. De geschiedenis van de antizionistische joden

Polska: W imie Tory. Zydzi przeciwko syjonizmowi

Россия Украина Израиль США: Еврей против еврея. Иудейское сопротивление сионизму

المناهضة اليهودية للصهيوني

Brasil: Judeus Contra Judeus. A Historia Da Oposicao Ao Sionismo

Japan: トーラーの名において– シオニズムに対するユダヤ教の抵抗の歴史


Excellent, very nicely written and well argued. John Mearsheimer, co-author of “The Israel Lobby”

… a must for everybody. International Zeitschrift fur internationale Politik (Vienna)

This book removes the fuse from anti-Jewish violence. Cardinal Godfried Danneels, Primate of Belgium

A useful sourcebook depicting this cramped world lit by the lurid flames of cruel and misplaced passion. Jerusalem Post

This book is required reading for every serious student of Jewish history and concerned layman alike. Rabbi Daniel Greer, Dean, Yeshiva of New Haven

This book must be read. It is systematic and, above all, fair. Revue Esprit (Paris)

As an Israeli patriot and as a philosopher, I consider it essential to integrate the discourse of Judaic anti-Zionism into the badly needed public debate about our past, present and future. Joseph Agassi, Tel Aviv University

A remarkable accomplishment: to tell a complex story with such clarity and punch. Relations (Montreal)

Those who think Zionism is an extension of Judaism will do well to read this book; those who believe Israel is a Jewish state must read it. Shlomo Sand, author of “The Invention of the Jewish People”, Tel Aviv University

A gifted writer who knows how to reach different kinds of readers, from atheists to Catholics, all the way to strictly observant Jews. The Yiddish Forward (New York)

Timely, well researched and thorough treatment of probably the most controversial issue in today’s Jewish world. Jewish Tribune (London)

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